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Noah’s Ark is a charitable organisation (and PBI) dedicated to providing essential support that can help children with disabilities reach their individual potential.

Our vision is:

To support the development of children and young people with special needs and their families throughout Western Australia, by providing specialised toys, related services and professional support in partnerships with others.

Noah’s Ark has been lending developmental resources and toys for children with special needs through its library since 1975. We have since extended our services to include special needs programs and products that complement what the library offers. Noah’s Ark and its staff provide an essential support service to agencies and parents working to develop the skills of children and young adults with disabilities.

Noah’s Ark assists all ages of children with all types of developmental delay and learning disabilities, including children with physical and intellectual disabilities. We also focus on early intervention assistance for children who have the likelihood of forming developmental delays without such intervention e.g. premature babies.

Independent Living Centre WA
As of July 2013 Noah's Ark WA is a service arm of the Independent Living Centre WA. The merger between the two organisations brings a range of benifits, predominantly greater security for the long term viability and continuity of Noah's Ark's services.

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