Our Services

What we do

Noah’s Ark WA Toy Library is a program of the Independent Living Centre that is dedicated to supporting children with disabilities to reach their individual potential. 

Our philosophy

Noah’s Ark’s principal philosophy is helping children learn through play.

As well as providing a unique toy and resource library service, we offer a number of special needs programmes and products designed to complement our WA toy library service.

Noah’s Ark WA is well-recognised for providing an innovative and responsive support service to agencies and parents who are committed to developing the skills of children and young adults with disabilities.

Our library

The toy library in Perth provides an extensive range of children’s toys, including many adapted for switch operation and concept building toys. It also offers books and a range of stimulating and accessible play equipment.

Our staff

Noah’s Ark WA staff are professionals who are experienced in working with children and young people with disabilities. They are also proficient in the use of specialised toys such as switch-operated toys and adapted equipment enabling them to assist therapists, teachers, parents and carers in developing their therapy, education or home programmes for special needs learning in Perth.

Our funding

Noah’s Ark WA toy library is funded and supported by the Disability Services Commission of WA; Lotterywest and the Commonwealth Government’s Non-Government Centre Support programme.