Therapy Assessments

Therapy Services resources are now online

In May 2012 a range of Therapy Services resources became available on the Noah’s Ark website.

Therapists who are members of Noah's Ark can now register online and gain access to a wide range of specialised resources and assessments. Therapists can try an assessment tool without having to purchase it. Therapists can borrow up to two assessments at a time under the terms of their membership.

Noah’s Ark can also supply the appropriate record forms and score sheets for each assessment.

Traditionally, forms have only been available for in packs of 25, but using our new system therapists can purchase single or multiple forms directly from Noah’s Ark.

Over the coming months we will be adding to the range of standardised therapy assessment tools available on the website. We aim to provide access to the most popular resources to support the provision of the highest quality therapy services for children. Therapists are encouraged to register at

The assessment kits and forms can be collected from Noahs Ark or delivered during scheduled mobile runs. 

Therapy Resources

Noah’s Ark holds a collection of resources for use by allied health professionals who are members of Noah's Ark WA. The resources include sensory equipment, communication aids, fine motor and gross motor equipment as well as some really useful timers and switching equipment.

You can borrow a range of fabulous sensory equipment from Noah’s Ark including:

  • Weighted vests; wrist and ankle weights and lap pads and Sensory Snuggles.
  • Body Sox and Fish Tunnels
  • Large Sensory Tubs and smaller Tactile Kits
  • Dark Den
  • Aromatherapy Diffusers