Story Bags

Noah’s Ark WA has a range of story bags for loan to members. The story bags were developed by speech pathologists Sue Gawned and Mary Lee in conjunction with Noah’s Ark WA.  The story bags provide a language resource for families, carers, teachers and therapists to use with children who need support with language development.

The story bags idea is based on the concept of ‘Booksharing’ which is a way of interacting with your child when you share books together. Interaction creates mutual enjoyment and thus increases your child’s interest in the book. This interest is the basis for developing attention, vocabulary, language comprehension and expression.

Each story bag contains an engaging children’s book and some objects that match the book. An information booklet provides parents with ‘Booksharing’ strategies as well as language and play extension ideas.

Make your own Story Bags

The information sheets for each of the Noah’s Ark WA story bags are now available online so that parents, teachers and clinicians can create their own story bags.

The story bag Information Sheets provide a list of what is needed to create each story bag. Each Information Sheet describes how the book can be used with different aged children and has information about language and play extension.

The Information Sheets are designed to be used in conjunction with a book and DVD resource published by Noah’s Ark in 2012. Booksharing: Successful Interaction with Your Child and Books is written by Sue Gawned and Mary Lee.

The book and DVD provide a clear and concise step-by-step guide on how to share books using the Booksharing approach. The DVD shows parents using the Booksharing strategies with children at different stages of language development.

Play Boxes

We have over 20 fun and interactive play boxes that contain an exciting range of developmental resources for children of all ages and stages.

The play boxes have been professionally created by a paediatric occupational therapist to target a specific developmental area.

Themes include cause and effect, fine motor, baby play, self-help skills, gross motor, bilateral coordination, stacking, threading, pretend play, matching and concept development.

Written instructions are provided with each activity in the play boxes and the professional advice team at Noah’s Ark WA are available to advise parents and carers on the most effective use of the items in relation to their child’s need.

The play boxes were developed by Suzanne Wilkinson on behalf of Noah’s Ark WA and were funded by the Department of Education and Training (Non-Government Centres Support).