Switch Operated Toys

Noah’s Ark WA is a library service offering a large range of specialist and general resources for children with special needs and disability. Our catalogue provides detailed information of the resources available and allows members to search for specific resources to meet their child’s developmental needs.

For many families access to switch operated toys is a priority and the role of these toys in developing children’s skills is detailed below. Many of these resources are unique to Noah’s Ark WA.

Similarly ‘Story Bags’ have been specially produced for Noah’s Ark WA members and are highlighted because of their value in supporting children’s language and literacy.

Capability Switches

A capability switch is a device that enables an individual with limited physical or sensory skills to operate a specially adapted toy or device through a single action. Noah’s Ark WA have a large collection of switches of different shapes and sizes that may be activated using a range of movements to suit an individual’s abilities.

Switch Adapted Toys and Resources

For a child with a disability, access to an adapted toy can be much more than play. It can provide them with a sense of mastery and enable them, perhaps for the first time, to engage in an activity enjoyed by their peers. Switch adapted toys also may be their first introduction to ‘cause and effect’, an important element in a child’s learning.  Experience shows that such resources promote motor skills, support cognitive and language development and facilitate social and emotional experiences for young children with special needs.The professional advice team at Noah’s Ark WA are available to provide support to select resources that link a child’s goals and interests.

Voice Output Switches

Noah’s Ark WA has a range of communication devices which record and say single or multiple sequential messages when pressed. These may be used as an introduction to voice output devices and allow a child with a disability to interact with peers.