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Of great value to many families is the extensive collection of specialist switch-operated toys, specifically designed for use by children with disabilities and not available through other toy libraries.

There is a range of switch-operated toys at our WA toy library that have been adapted to facilitate their use by children with limited physical or sensory skills.

The ability to access these  switch adapted toys can greatly contribute to a child’s sense of control over his/her environment and increase their self-esteem and confidence.  Furthermore, the opportunity to practise the motor skills required to operate a switch toy can later contribute to a child’s ability to operate a computer or mobility device.

For a child with a disability, access to an adapted toy can be much more than play. It can provide them with a sense of mastery and enable them, perhaps for the first time, to engage in an activity enjoyed by their peers. Switch adapted toys also may be their first introduction to ‘cause and effect’, an important element in any child’s learning.  Experience shows that such resources promote motor skills, support cognitive and language development and facilitate social and emotional experiences for young children with special needs.

The WA toy library has a wide range of switch adapted toys that can help children with physical disabilities to develop an understanding of cause and effect and help create positive self-awareness.

These switch toys are invaluable tools in contributing to the child’s sense of control and mastery of their play environment – they are also lots of fun. The toys may be fictional characters, cute animals, or emergency vehicles. They often have bright lights and musical effects, making them attractive and entertaining for all children.

Switch-operated toys can be :

  • for children who have limited coordination and control
  • modified to meet the needs of the user
  • activated by any part of the body that has purposeful movement
  • positioned for functional access, and used to access equipment that may otherwise require higher control and coordination. 

Swicth toys provide:

  • tactile, visual and auditory stimulation
  • cause and effect experiences
  • prompt feedback
  • effective response to minimal motor input, and
  • practise in hand-eye co-ordination.