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Noah’s Ark library memberships are open to families, carers, organisations (Schools, health services, child care) which support a child or children with special needs. No formal diagnosis of a disability or special need is required before becoming a member.

We are particularly interested in assisting with early intervention and have a range of toys and resources that can be used while families are waiting for a formal diagnosis.

Membership Type

Annual Cost


Family Membership


Central Family


Up to 4 items per month
or per borrowing

Mobile Family


Up to 4 items per month
or per borrowing

Mobile Country Family


Up to 8 items per delivery, 1 delivery per term

Country Family


8 small items

Mobile Service

Noah's Ark Mobile Service delivers resources to families & groups (within 350km of Perth) every 4 - 8 weeks. It is recommended that anyone looking to join the Mobile service contact Noah's Ark first to ensure that the service is available for their current location.Noah


Funding Options

The Department of Social Services (DSS) Better Start for Children with Disability initiative provides funding for early intervention services. Children with an eligible diagnosis must register for Better Start before they turn 6 years old. A child will have until they turn 7 to access funding. For more information about how to register your child call Better Start on 1800 242 636.
The Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) package is an Australian Government initiative to provide additional support for children aged 0-7 with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and carers.  The Autism Advisor Program is a component of this package that provides information, support and funding for early intervention services to eligible families. For more information about the services available please contact the Autism Association of Western (Inc) in Western Australia on (08) 9489 8900.
Funding from the DSS Better Start or Autism Advisor Programs may be used for library membership following approval from the service provider.   

Organisational Memberships


Central Individual Therapist


Up to 6 items per month or per borrowing
No deliveries

Central Organisation


Up to 12 items per month or per borrowing
No deliveries

Mobile Organisation


Up to 12 iterms per delivery
2 deliveries per term

Mobile Country Organisation


Up to 24 items per delivery
1 delivery per term


Therapy Service Providers:

Cost of memberships is dependent on the number of therapists working at a DSC funded organisation and currently includes the following organisations: Association for the Blind, Kids are Kids, Senses, The Centre for Cerebral Palsy, Therapy Focus and Telethon Speech and Hearing.  Unlimited toys or resources for demonstration purposes; not to be on-loaned. Only 2 assessments per therapist at any one time, and access to the mobile service if within 350Km of Perth.     

Therapist or Professional membership 

Number of Therapist in an organisation Cost per Annum
1-2 $310
3 $390
4 $470
5 $550
+ $80 for each additional therapist above 5

Orgnaisations are limited to 6 items per membership.
The Account Manager is responsible for providing and updating authorised borrower details.

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